For optimal summer comfort, you need an AC technology that keeps every part of your Oak Ridge, NC home cool. Hot and cold spots just won’t cut it when the mercury rises and the outlying rooms in your home grow more and more stifling as the day wears on. This problem is common in larger homes that use conventional ducted AC systems simply because much of the system’s cooling capacity is lost as the cooled air flows through the ductwork toward your home’s outermost rooms. It’s also common in homes that have been extensively renovated and therefore have room additions or converted attics, garages or basements. In these situations, the added or converted room is often beyond the reach of the home’s existing ductwork.

Using Ductless Technology for Supplemental Cooling

If your home’s existing ductwork isn’t quite doing the trick, it’s far easier and often less-expensive to add one or more ductless units to take up the slack in the parts of your home that are not being adequately served by your existing air duct system. This can be a highly practical alternative to extending the existing ductwork.

Ductless AC as a Zoned Cooling Solution

When different rooms in your home have widely varying temperature requirements, ductless technology allows you to cool each zone independently. This can be especially helpful if some rooms in your home are unused for long periods of time. Ductless zoning lets you save money by closing off unoccupied rooms and only paying to cool the rooms you’re actually using.

Going Ductless for Whole-Home Air Conditioning

Ductless can even offer whole-home cooling for smaller homes or for highly energy efficient modern ones. There are very few problems that the versatility of ductless AC won’t help you solve under the right conditions.

Should You Install a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

If hot and cold spots are an issue in your home or you’re dealing with one of the other problems mentioned above, call Total Heating & Cooling at (336) 739-4320. Let our experts help you determine whether installing a ductless system makes sense for your home.

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