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Humidifiers Help to Make Winter More Comfortable

Living in Greensboro, NC, means experiencing milder winters than in other parts of the country. Still, your home’s interior climate can be dry and uncomfortable if your heating system strips humidity from the air. Below are some ways whole-house humidifiers make your household more comfortable in the winter, but first, learn a little more about how these small appliances work.

How a Whole-Home Humidifier Works

This indoor air quality appliance works in tandem with your existing heating and cooling system. It adds moisture to your home, keeping your home’s relative humidity (RH) levels balanced. The Environmental Protection Energy (EPA) recommends that indoor RH levels fall between 35 and 50 percent. When RH levels fall below 35 percent, you notice more static in your home and possibly experience physical symptoms like bloody noses, scratchy throats, and coughing.

Whole-Home Humidifiers Reduce Energy Costs

When your home’s indoor air has optimal RH levels, it feels warmer. How does this save you money on energy costs? It’s simple. When your home feels warmer, you don’t mess with the thermostat constantly. In fact, most people find they can lower their thermostats a degree or two and not notice a temperature difference. All it takes is taking the temperature down a couple of degrees to make a huge impact on energy costs.

Whole-Home Humidification Keeps You Healthier

Low humidity levels make it more likely for viruses to transmit from person to person. People living in households with adequate RH levels experience fewer illnesses and don’t get hit with as many seasonal colds. If you or other household members have seasonal allergies, some symptoms, like nasal congestion, could be lessened.

If you’d like to learn more about managing your home’s RH levels with whole-home humidifiers, call Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. We’ll share the best indoor air quality products for your budget and individual household needs.

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