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Looking for HVAC Zoning? Consider Going Ductless

When it comes to comfort systems in Greensboro, NC, ductless HVAC is the leader of the pack. According to Oil and Energy Online, ductless mini-split installations in the U.S. have surged by 221%. Annual ductless HVAC sales going forward are set to increase by at least 20%.

What Is Ductless Home Zoning

Home zoning can be accomplished in two different ways. You can install automated dampers in the ductwork of a ducted HVAC system. This process can create chaos in your home while work is underway.

You can also accomplish home zoning with a ductless mini-split system. It doesn’t involve dampers or ductwork. Rather, the indoor units are installed wherever you want to create a heating or cooling zone. It could be one room, several rooms, or the whole house.

What Are the Advantages of a Variable Speed System

Variable speed systems monitor the indoor environment. They are constantly adjusting temperatures and operating speeds based on information received in real-time. No energy is wasted. Instead of blasting you with hot or cold air, variable speed systems maintain consistently comfortable temperatures.

Because variable systems run for long periods of time at low speeds, your indoor air is constantly filtered. The same is true for humidity. High indoor humidity can make you feel sweaty when the AC is going full blast.

Why Consider Ductless HVAC

  • Reliable indoor comfort without hot spots, cold spots, or drafts
  • Treated air that goes only where you want it
  • Quick and easy installation in just one day

Pay Less and Get More With Ductless Home Zoning

A high-quality and properly installed ductless mini-split can slash your energy costs and pay for itself in a few years. Call the ductless specialists at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc., to explore the custom options we offer.

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