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Reasons to Get Your Home’s Generator Repaired ASAP

Home generators can provide a reliable source of backup power when the electricity goes out in our area. If your generator is not operating properly, here are three key reasons to schedule professional generator repairs by a qualified service technician as soon as possible.

Protect Your Investment

Whole-home generators can cost thousands of dollars and are designed to provide reliable power during an electrical outage. If these systems are not operating properly, failing to schedule professional generator repairs could result in the failure of the entire system and the loss of your financial investment in this safety equipment.

Maintain a Safe Environment

Emergency generators pose some serious threats, especially when they need repairs or maintenance. According to FEMA, electrocution, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are three of the most serious risks associated with malfunctioning generators. Regular maintenance and professional generator repairs are necessary to maintain the safety of your equipment and to ensure that it is ready when needed to supply power for your North Carolina home.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Your home generator can provide power for air conditioning, refrigerators and other necessities to maintain comfort during a prolonged electrical outage. If your system is not functional when the power goes out, however, you may be left in the dark and without the backup electricity needed to maintain comfort at home. Making sure your generator is in proper working order and scheduling professional generator repairs when it breaks down can help you weather power outages in greater comfort and safety.

The experienced and qualified service technicians at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. can provide you with the professional generator repairs you need to maintain a safe and functional backup power supply. To learn more about our lineup of generators and professional generator repairs, give us a call today. We serve Oak Ridge, North Carolina and the surrounding areas with HVAC and generator repair services you can count on when you need us most.

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