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Reasons to Have a Professional HVAC Safety Inspection

The heating and cooling system in your High Point, NC home ensures your comfort all year long. Most of the time, these systems operate without any issues. However, a malfunction or worn part could lead to a safety issue. Let’s explore some reasons to have a professional HVAC safety inspection each year.

Prevent Safety Hazards

A malfunctioning HVAC system is a serious safety risk. A professional HVAC safety inspection includes checking for carbon monoxide leaks caused by combustion gases mixing with the air in your home. Carbon monoxide has no taste or smell, so it’s impossible to detect without an alarm. Carbon monoxide poisoning in the home results from blocked ventilation, damaged seals, and cracked heat exchangers, notes the Department of Energy.

Protect Your Investment

Excess wear and tear of your HVAC system could cause premature failure. A safety inspection detects worn parts and allows a qualified service technician to replace them before they fail. If you keep using the HVAC system with worn parts, this may lead to more extensive and costly issues. You may even have to replace the unit years before it reaches its typical lifespan.

Maintain Comfort

Professional HVAC safety inspections help you maintain a comfortable home. They identify minor issues, such as a dirty air filter or condensate line. Safety inspections also detect poor indoor air quality, which could affect your quality of life and overall health. By addressing these minor safety issues now, you can prevent major problems later.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

A professional HVAC safety inspection gives you peace of mind knowing that your heating and cooling system is safe, effective, and efficient. If your household includes a baby, elderly person, or anyone with a chronic health condition, a safety inspection can help you ensure these vulnerable family members stay safe and healthy.

For more information about the reasons to have a professional HVAC safety inspection, take a look at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc.’s HVAC services, or reach out to our qualified service technicians for an appointment.

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