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Reasons to Invest in Annual Generator Maintenance

Severe weather, high demand on the power grid, and unusual accidents may cause your home or the whole Brown Summit, NC community to lose power. No matter whether the electricity is out for an hour or a week, maintaining a generator allows you to stay safe and comfortable. Consider these reasons why you should invest in annual generator maintenance.

Maintain Safety

Generators burn fuel to create heat. A malfunction in any component could cause a carbon monoxide leak into your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, carbon monoxide leaks from generators cause hundreds of deaths every year and lead to serious illness in thousands of people. Annual generator maintenance identifies parts with excessive wear and tear and includes a test to ensure that the system is safe.

Increase Efficiency

Annual generator maintenance increases the unit’s efficiency. During the maintenance visit, our technicians clean the whole system, lubricate moving parts, and replace the air filter. As fuel prices stay high and are predicted to rise through the end of the summer, maintaining the generator’s fuel efficiency will reduce its operational costs.

Extend Lifespan

A generator is a big investment. Keeping up with annual generator maintenance protects your investment. Your generator will have a longer lifespan and more years of problem-free use when it receives an annual tune-up performed by qualified service technicians.

Avoid Malfunctions

The last thing you’ll want when you’re relying on your generator is an unexpected malfunction. Annual generator maintenance lowers the chance that a part will fail or that the fuel line will have a problem. Our qualified service technicians closely inspect parts prone to wear and tear, including belts and lines. We can replace those parts before they cause a breakdown. Your generator will be ready to use whenever you need it.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in annual generator maintenance, check out Total Heating & Cooling, Inc.’s generator services, or contact our qualified service technicians today.

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