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Why Homeowners Utilize Whole-Home Air Cleaners

Most Greensboro, NC residents spend the majority of their time indoors, and the greatest amount of that time is at home. Unpleasant odors, allergens, germs, and particulates affect your home’s indoor air quality, causing it to be two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Read on to find out why homeowners utilize whole-home air cleaners and how they could benefit your home.

Eliminate Odors

Cooking, cleaning, and doing hobby activities can all create unpleasant odors in your home. A whole-home air cleaner removes the odor-causing chemicals, creating a more pleasant indoor atmosphere. If your home includes pets, the air cleaner helps get rid of the stinky pet odors. Musty and stale odors are also removed by air cleaners.

Promote Better Breathing

According to the EPA, whole-home air cleaners do a good job at capturing particulate matter from indoor air. Mechanical and electrostatic filters in the air cleaners trap dust, pollen, smoke, and other particles. If your home includes a wood-burning stove or fireplace, the air cleaner captures the tiny ash particles from burning wood. By trapping the particulate matter, the air purifier could reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. For people with lung disease, air cleaners promote better breathing. For the best results, pair your whole-home air cleaner with a high-rated air filter and enhanced ventilation.

Reduce Viruses and Bacteria

Each year in the late autumn and winter, influenza and the common cold make their way through the population. Many people are also concerned about the spread of COVID-19. A whole-house air purifier with UV-C technology inactivates more than 99% of bacteria and viruses. When paired with an air filter that has a minimum reported value of 16 or higher, you’ll be less likely to spread germs between household members.

To learn more about the ways whole-home air cleaners benefit your health and comfort, take a look at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc.’s quality IAQ products, or contact us today for additional information.

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