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Why Proper Ventilation is Critical for a Healthy Home

Most people spend a lot of time inside their homes. That’s is why indoor air quality is essential. When your Greensboro, NC, home is ventilated properly, the dirty air gets expelled outside and replaced with fresh, clean air. Here are some reasons why proper ventilation must be a priority for a healthy home.

Ventilation Reduces Condensation

Humid air that cools quickly turns into water vapor, creating dampness on walls and windows. When you can’t control the moisture levels in your home, paint begins to peel, wooden building materials become damaged, and mold develops. Properly ventilated homes can regulate indoor temperatures better and lead to better moisture control.

Ventilation Helps Control Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Levels

Your home’s air quality is affected by VOCs. VOCs can cause respiratory issues, increase asthma symptoms, and even contribute to the development of certain cancers, such as lung cancer when released from household chemicals in high concentrations. While eliminating VOCs from your home is nearly impossible since they’re in paints, furnishings, household cleaners, and even makeup and hair products, you can control existing VOC concentration in your home with adequate ventilation.

Ventilation Helps You Breathe Easier

If you always feel under the weather with allergy symptoms or respiratory illnesses, your home’s ventilation system might need attention. Homes with inadequate ventilation systems have difficulty removing allergens from the air, which creates ideal conditions for dust mites to thrive. Removing stale air and replacing it with clean air can help you and your household members breathe better and eliminate indoor airborne pollutants.

Do you want to improve your home’s ventilation? If so, consider indoor air quality products like energy recovery ventilators. These ventilators work with your air conditioner or heat pump to remove stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air without using much energy. Call Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. and ask about our indoor air quality solutions today.

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