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Learn About Dual Fuel Hybrid Systems and Their Perks

Do you want a money-saving home heating solution for your Greensboro, NC home? A dual fuel hybrid system may fit the bill.

What Is Hybrid Heat?

Dual fuel systems partner the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the powerful heating capability of a furnace. When temperatures remain above a predetermined set point, the heat pump keeps your home warm and your utility bills low. When temperatures drop below the set point, the furnace takes over to maintain that toasty warmth. Because heat pumps also cool your home in summer, they provide everything you need for energy-efficient indoor comfort all year.

How Do Dual Fuel Hybrid Systems Work?

For most Greensboro homes, the lion’s share of home heating will come from the heat pump. Because they heat your home with free warmth from outdoor air, heat pumps are much more efficient than furnaces. However, when temperatures dip below freezing, there’s not enough warmth in outdoor air to adequately heat your home. That’s when the heat pump’s emergency backup heating feature provides heat powered by electricity. A hybrid system uses the furnace for emergency backup heating instead. Emergency electric heat is very expensive, and if you use it too often, your utility bills will be astronomical.

How Efficient Is a Hybrid Fuel System?

Dual fuel systems are more efficient than heat pumps or furnaces alone. Greensboro homeowners could save from 30 to 50 percent on energy costs every year. Many systems pay for themselves in three to five years. Hybrid heat systems are most efficient in places like Greensboro where winter temperatures are relatively mild but do dip into the 20s from time to time.

The seasoned experts at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc., can help you to explore the possibilities of a professional heating installation. Call us at (336) 739-4320 to schedule a free home comfort consultation.

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