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Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Furnace Blower Motor

Chilly winter weather in High Point, NC necessitates a properly functioning furnace. A key part of your furnace is the forced air system’s blower motor. The blower motor provides the force that pushes the heated air through your home’s ductwork and into each room of your home. Awareness of the symptoms of a malfunctioning blower motor helps you know when to take action and arrange for professional furnace services.

Excessive Noise

A malfunctioning blower motor often makes excessive noise during each heating cycle. As the motor’s parts wear out, they don’t move smoothly. This creates squealing, grinding, or screeching noises. Loose parts in the blower motor create clanging, popping, or whirring sounds.

Low Airflow

As furnace blower motors wear out, they lose efficiency at pushing the heated air through the ducts. You may notice that barely a trickle of air flows out of the vents in your home, notes the Department of Energy. This has an immediate impact on your comfort, and adjusting the fan speed or temperature setting on the thermostat doesn’t improve the airflow.

Unusual Odors

Worn parts in the blower motor may cause it to overheat. When rubber belts get hot, they release a strong odor. A loss of lubrication in the blower motor or a buildup of dust within the motor may also cause a burning smell. Any unusual odors coming from your furnace require prompt professional furnace services.

High Utility Bills

Malfunctioning furnace blowers aren’t efficient at moving hot air into your living space. This triggers more heating cycles and uses more natural gas and electricity. You’ll notice an increase in your utility bills when the furnace blower motor starts to fail. Compare the current month’s gas and electric bill to the same month of last year to calculate the increased energy use.

For more information about the signs of a malfunctioning blower motor, check out Total Heating & Cooling, Inc.’s professional furnace services, or contact us today to make an appointment for repairs.

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