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Why Indoor Humidity Control Should Matter to You

Most people assume the density of airborne pollutants determines the overall air quality. You might be surprised to learn that another factor comes into play. Whether the season is winter, spring, summer, or fall, humidity levels impact the overall cleanliness and healthiness of the air you breathe. Learn why indoor humidity control matters and how to maintain it in your home-sweet-home.

Safeguard Your Health

In the Greensboro area of North Carolina, humidity levels top 70% in the summer and drop below 30% in winter. Those kinds of extremes can wreak havoc on your health. Too much moisture in the air provides the ideal breeding ground for biological contaminants ranging from dust mites and mold spores to bacteria and viruses. Overly dry air can exacerbate respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma. Nasal congestion, dry skin, itchy eyes, scratchy throat — whether too low or high, extreme humidity levels can trigger unpleasant symptoms.

Preserve Your Property

Keeping indoor humidity levels balanced also helps to protect your home from damage. When water vapor doesn’t get removed from a home, it accumulates, prompting the growth of damaging mold and mildew. Moisture also attracts pests that can cause further harm to your structure. Low humidity levels can also damage your property. Aside from making your home less comfortable in winter, dry air can cause wallpaper to peel and cracks to appear in paint and furnishings.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Balancing the level of moisture in the air can also lower your heating and cooling costs. In the winter, you won’t have to crank up the thermostat as high to comfortably warm. Indoor humidity control also lets you lower temperature settings during a summer heatwave.

As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers top-quality dehumidifiers and humidifiers engineered to adjust from summer to winter to balance the humidity in your home. If you’d like to learn more, check out our indoor air quality services or call us today.

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