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Why Heat Loss Calculation is Critical for a Furnace Installation

You know you need a new furnace, but which one is right for your Greensboro, NC home? Instead of relying on guesswork, get the answers you need with an in-home heat loss calculation from your local HVAC professionals.

What Is a Heat Loss Calculation?

In simple terms, heat loss calculations measure how much heat energy escapes a structure over a given period. During cool weather, houses lose heat primarily via cold air infiltration and conduction through exterior surfaces like walls, windows, and roofs. However, because every home is unique, the rates at which they lose heat can be very different. To reflect this, qualified service technicians account for many different factors in their heat loss calculations. These include the size and layout of your home, its specific material and insulation properties, local climate conditions, and more.

Meeting Your Home’s Heating Demands

By calculating how much heat your home typically loses, HVAC technicians can also more accurately determine its heating requirements. Known as heat load, this figure represents the amount of thermal energy that must be supplied to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature. This makes it easy to select a new heating system that’s perfectly sized to meet your comfort needs. Skilled installers can even use this data to craft custom ductwork, ensuring each room receives the right amount of air.

The Benefits of Accurate Furnace Sizing

Performing heat loss calculations takes time, training, and expertise, which is why some HVAC companies resort to quick rule-of-thumb estimates. This often results in improper sizing, leading to higher equipment costs, lesser performance, more frequent cycling, and increased wear and tear. Conversely, a comprehensive heat loss calculation ensures you’ll enjoy more consistent heating, greater energy efficiency, and longer-lasting equipment.

At Total Heating & Cooling, Inc., our full-service furnace installations always include rigorous heat loss calculations. Call our qualified service technicians today to see how we go the extra mile to deliver the very best home heating services.

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